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Our BrokerLincSM program is the gateway to an array of services for independent producers, producer groups and non-captive insurance agents without the need of a broker-dealer change. This means you receive full access to our people, tools, resources and competitive products – structured to give you the information and service you need for every area of your business.


  • Our National Planning Team is staffed with experienced, credentialed professionals dedicated to supporting advisors with their clients’ financial planning needs.
  • Our unique organizational structure, along with our abundant intellectual capital, provides personalized resources nationally, regionally and locally with 80 offices nationwide.
  • The Advanced Sales group assists with complex life insurance, estate and business owner cases.
  • The Market Access team helps to generate new client opportunities by offering financial planning services, including insurance solutions, through broker-dealers, CPAs and attorneys.


  • Policy Analysis and Review (PAR) – Provides an objective perspective on your clients’ life insurance requirements, performance and options.
  • iGO e-App – Enables you to submit applications electronically and ensure they are In Good Order (IGO).
  • eDelivery – View policies on your computer or mobile device and eliminate postage and paperwork.
  • Lincoln DesignItSM Platform – Enhances your ability to create presentations.


We are also committed to your professional development and growth:

  • Conceptual sales ideas – Learn the latest developments in insurance, estate, retirement and business owner planning.
  • Virtual University – Video and web conferences with one-on- one interaction with top advisors and industry specialists.
  • Back-office support and processing – Helps you navigate through the Lincoln service areas including licensing, commissions, illustration support and underwriting.
  • Competitor Services – This team provides balanced recommendations on how to position Lincoln products for client cases in your most difficult competitive situations.


Lincoln’s life insurance portfolio of tax-efficient protection and accumulation solutions can help protect your clients from many of today’s biggest challenges: taxes, longevity, inflation, market risk and more.

For your client’s long-term care insurance needs, Lincoln MoneyGuard II® is a universal life policy with an optional long-term care rider providing guaranteed benefits for qualified long-term care costs or a death benefit and return of premium options if coverage is never needed.

  • Lincoln offers a unique set of annuity products designed to help meet accumulation and income needs:
  • Fixed indexed annuities – Offer a balance between risk and reward.
  • Variable annuities – Help protect wealth through tax-efficient investing.
  • Fixed annuities – Aim to deliver predictable growth.

Read more about our BrokerLinc program.